Bergthal School Finished With Structural Renovations

The Bergthal School, located in Neubergthal, is finished with major renovation projects for now.

Joe Braun has been involved with the Bergthal school project for 8 years. He said a recent $3,500 dollar donation from Altona Community Foundation covered costs of the new floor, installation of storm windows, and ductwork.

Neubergthal Considering Guidelines For Future Development

Discussions have begun on whether the residents of Neubergthal need to establish some guidelines as to how the village will be developed in the future.

In 1997 Parks Canada designated Neubergthal as a national heritage site because it's an excellent example of how a Mennonite street village was used to settle western Canada.

Housebarn Project Receives Major Cash Injection

The Neubergthal Heritage Foundation received some good news on the weekend in regards to a major project the organization has embarked on.

Parks Canada announced on Saturday that it has approved a grant of $560,000 to assist in funding the restoration of the Klippenstein housebarn located in the community. The foundation wants to rehabilitate the timber frame building that was one of the original structures erected in the village.

Barn (fund) raising in the digital age

Neubergthal has always known this place matters, and now it’s telling all of Canada why, in a competition of the same name.

The place is the Klippenstein house barn, one of two of the original buildings of this southern Manitoba village, and hauled here, timber by timber by Mennonite settlers in 1876 after being dismantled near Steinbach. There were no trees in sight in those days.

A Visit to Neubergthal Mennonite Street Village

We first visited Neubergthal because we’d heard about the concerts in the Krahn Barn. I was curious. It was autumn, we turned onto the village’s one street, and parked near the dormant ice rink. People emerged from their vehicles and hurried across the street, into a beautifully restored red barn. We followed, and found ourselves upstairs in the loft, aglow with twinkle lights.

Altbergthal-New Hope School Building Project Into Final Phase

Renovations to the Altbergthal-New Hope school are into the final phase as work on the building focuses on the inside.

A few years ago the school house, which was constructed in the early 1900s, was relocated to village of Neubergthal in 2012, a designated National Historic Site.

Prairies, unmistakably: The barns of Neubergthal

He may have been tinkering. But the village had taken us. It had distorted the most pedestrian sights into something quaint and romantic. Fixing is probably more accurate a description of what Paul Krahn was doing to his bike when we parked on the street, walked fifty feet to the barn they converted to a house, and hoped saying ‘hello’ would be enough to spark something more. It did.

New Book Reveals Neubergthal's Past

The history of the Village of Neubergthal has been nicely documented in book form, thanks to the hard work of some local volunteers in the community.

The book, entitled Neubergthal - A Mennonite Street Village, was launched on the weekend at the Altona Mall. The project was spearheaded by Rose Hildebrand and Joyce Friesen and took about two years to complete.

Neubergthal Part Of Study Into International Mennonite Villages

It was announced this week that seven graduate students will be part of an international study on Mennonite villages. Dr. Royden Loewen of the University of Winnipeg says it's exciting as they will be out for four months collecting oral histories and gathering ethnographic research.

Historic school finds a home

ALTONA - When the village of Altbergthal established their school in 1904, they had no idea how much travelling that little schoolhouse would eventually do.

After the school divisions amalgamated in 1965, it was moved to New Hope. When the school became vacant in 1982, the Altbergthal School preservation committee moved it to a spot behind the Rhineland Pioneer Centre in Altona.