Commons Barn Timeline

Commons Barn, formerly known as the Klippenstein barn, is very unique. Originally built near Steinbach when Mennonites first came to Canada, the barn was disassembled and rebuilt in its present location when some families moved to better farmland in the West Reserve (west of the Red River). The exterior of Commons Barn has been restored to its original appearance, and the interior functions as a large multipurpose space to host visiting groups, events, and the community.

The mission of Neubergthal Heritage Foundation (NHF) is to preserve aspects of this heritage and find appropriate and interesting ways to share and present it. This project would not have been possible without the gracious donation of this property by the late Eddie Schmidt, a well-known local farmer. We also thank the Klippenstein family, whose legacy lives on through the completion of Commons Barn.

Summer 2018

Spring 2018

Winter 2017

Fall 2017


Engineers and inspectors need the extra studding. The outside wall will be almost straight now. Siding will be manufactured to match the original.

These are 1876 timbers. The bottom ends were replaced.

Framework in the wall will allow the original frame of the barn to be visible on the inside


A fresh coat of paint on the house rejuvenated this Heritage jewel.  


Architect's image of Commons Barn.