Neubergthal Heritage Site Tours, Workshops In Full Swing

Neubergthal Heritage Site activity started up again last month.

Tours and events are taking place again at the Friesen Housebarn, Hamm Housebarn, Commons Barn, and the Bergthal School. Workshops also take place every Thursday.

The Commons Barn, formerly known as the Klippeinstein Barn, has undergone major renovations.

The Commons Barns has a unique history. Originally built near Steinbach when Mennonites first came to Canada, the barn was disassembled and rebuilt in its present location in 1876 when some families moved to better farmland in the West Reserve, located west of the Red River.

The exterior of Commons Barn has been restored to its original appearance, and the interior functions as a large multipurpose space.

Shaun Friesen is the Chair of the Neubergthal Heritage Foundation.

"It's called the Commons Barn because it sits on these 4 acres that we've identified as Neubergthal Commons, because it kind of captures that old village spirit of a place where people come together," explained Friesen.

He added the Commons Barn renovations cost was $860,000 dollars. A Parks Canada grant paid for half and fund raising covers the rest. The barn is now equipped with washrooms, geothermal heating and cooling, and is wheelchair accessible.

"We've done everything that we can to keep the original 130-year-old posts and beams visible and in tact... we believe it's a one of kind facility," said Friesen.

Events and workshop information, tour dates, and prices can be found on the Neubergthal Heritage Site website.

Tours can also be arranged by calling Ray Hamm at 324-4115 or Shaun Friesen at 324-6635.