Touring in Neubergthal

Drop-in Tours

Commons Yard:$5/Person

Friesen Barn:$5/person

Neubergthal Tour Family Pass: $20

-Family pass includes tours of Commons buildings and Friesen Housebarn


Drop-In Hours:

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays: 11am-6pm

Sundays: 2pm-5pm

Come on down for a drop in tour during our visiting hours! No need to call ahead or book as long as you come during our open hours, but feel free to contact us and we might even be able to show you around outside of those hours too. To take a tour, find our tour guide in the Commons Barn or call him if he is not there at 204-312-0899.

Friesen Housebarn Interpretive Centre

Hamm Housebarn

*Tours must be arranged in advance* Call 204-324-4115

Herdsman’s House

*Tours must be arranged in advance* Call 204-324-1612