ABOUT the Neubergthal Heritage Foundation

Neubergthal is the best, most authentic location on the prairies to experience some of the realities of early permanent agricultural settlements on the expansive Canadian prairies.

Parks Canada designated Neubergthal as a National Historic Site after scouring to find a place to show and tell stories of agriculture and early settlement on the prairies. The entire village was designated as having “historical and architectural national significance,” with many older original buildings and an authentic village and yard pattern.

The mission of Neubergthal Heritage Foundation (NHF) is to preserve aspects of this heritage and find appropriate and interesting ways to share and present this heritage.

Board of Directors

Shaun Friesen - chair
Terry Mierau - vice chair
Ken Hamm - treasurer
Karen Martens
Brad Braun
Lori Dueck & Loren Braul
Harv Heinrichs - bookkeeper

Volunteer in the village

We are always looking for volunteers to help facilitate Neubergthal Heritage Foundation (NHF) events. If you are interested in becoming an NHF volunteer, please call or email us today.