New Book Reveals Neubergthal's Past

The history of the Village of Neubergthal has been nicely documented in book form, thanks to the hard work of some local volunteers in the community.

The book, entitled Neubergthal - A Mennonite Street Village, was launched on the weekend at the Altona Mall. The project was spearheaded by Rose Hildebrand and Joyce Friesen and took about two years to complete.

The book is filled with historical information and contains close to 600 pictures which help to tell the story of the Mennonite street village that was established in 1876.

The book also contains some other unique features, according to Rose Hildebrand. "There are also some Low German ditties in there and quite a few Low German sayings which we have not translated, so you better know some Low German."

Friesen says the book provides information on the history of Neubergthal which dates as far back as the 1870's. "There was a lot of research and often we had to wait for some of these stories, so we had to have a lot of patience, but most people we contacted were quite willing to submit some information on their families."

Hildebrand says she hopes people have as much fun reading the book as they had in putting it together.