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Darp Day

Welcome to Darp Day! This celebration of Mennonite culture held in the darp (or “village” in low german) of Neubergthal is an annual event held by the Neubergthal Heritage Foundation. We have an artisan market from 1pm-4pm, sessions on Mennonite cultural topics all throughout the day and a concert in the evening featuring Mennonite celebrities, Jess Reimer and Jeremy Hamm. There will be snacks and food straight from grandma’s kitchen or from across the globe. All NHF buildings will be open for tours and there will be much more music throughout the village all afternoon. If you’re more familiar with “plautdietsch”, we also have sessions planned entirely in the (more often than not) Mennonite language.

Come out and experience a National Historic Site of Canada with us in Neubergthal, what stories will the old beams tell you?