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Part of our mission is to restore and maintain buildings that were originally built and moved to Neubergthal during the time of settlement. Commons Barn is one such building. It was built near Steinbach when Mennonite families first came to Canada. When families moved to the West Reserve at the founding of Neubergthal, Commons Barn was dissembled and rebuilt in it's present location.

The real heritage of Neubergthal is found in the stories we share. The Neubergthal Heritage Foundation strives to create space to relive memories and share stories about our own history and the history of all who come to visit Neubergthal. Many stories of life in the past can still be told and experienced in this authentic setting. And new stories are ready to be told and created, particularly with renewed relationships with nearby First Nations and francophone communities.

We invite you to participate in and support the important work of being a trustee of this place and these stories. Your financial contribution is critical to preserving this unique piece of Canadian and Mennonite heritage.

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  • Match funding from Parks Canada to preserve Commons Barn.

  • Develop other components of our vision for Neubergthal.