Klippenstein Housebarn Education and Resource Centre (KHERC)

Architect's Image of the Klippenstein Housebarn Education and Resource Centre

Architect's Image of the Klippenstein Housebarn Education and Resource Centre

Historical image of Klippenstein Housebarn. 

Historical image of Klippenstein Housebarn. 

historical klippenstein house with family


Rehabilitating and restoring the Klippenstein Housebarn is a major project for the NHF.  The barn is one of the original buildings of the village and holds many stories.

The top photo shows the architect's drawing of what the Klippenstein Housebarn will look like as the KHERC.  

Currently the NHF is undertaking significant fundraising efforts to realize our dreams for this building to be used as an education and resource centre.

What needs to be done:

  • break up existing cement floor and make a new floor

  • raise the hayloft floor

  • provide extra support for the roof

  • Restore the outside of the barn to its original appearance.

  • Finish the interior to create a multipurpose space for events and exhibits/displays.

  • Build a commercial teaching kitchen 



A fresh coat of paint on the house rejuvenated this Heritage jewel.  


Cutting the grass, trimming and clean up around the yard has been regular. Ken Hamm took care of most of the yard with the NHF mower while the Klippenstein Housebarn committee members did the trimming and clean up. It started out very busy like the previous year, but when the rain quit, the grass slowed down as well. The house is in the process of getting leveled. The floor is already much improved and will be completed this spring. Window repair and replacement is under way. We are fortunate to have spare windows and parts from other buildings in the village for this work, thanks to Prairie Eagle Construction’s ability to save material that “looks like we could use that somewhere”.

This fall we had electrical service installed in the house. A 200 amp service was installed to supply hydro for work being done. A new line was brought in by Manitoba Hydro, along the north property line. This install required removal of some trees. One good poplar at the north west corner of the property was taken down. A couple of maples in the area were also removed. The maples were in poor condition but the poplar removal required some debate. In the end, it was too expensive to go around. Poplar seedlings have been planted on the west side along the road. The two garage buildings on the south side have been demolished. A few maple trees in that area were also removed. Two maples were left and will be pruned to improve appearance and health. There are several large cottonwood poplars on the Schmidt property and on the old school yard. These trees will also be pruned to remove dead branches, which are a safety hazard, and to improve their appearance and health.

The Klippenstein Housebarn June 2017

The Klippenstein Housebarn June 2017