VILLAGE LIFE - past & present

Neubergthal was a place of communal efforts. Working cooperatively demonstrated that permanent agricultural settlements could succeed on the open prairies. The families helped each other in building homes, threshing grain, butchering hogs, preparing manure bricks for fuel, maintaining roads, and organizing fire insurance and orphan funds. They also had a communal pasture and water reservoir.

Social life centred around the church, school, and store. The village was closely knit by kinship, religion and culture, and retained its Low German language.

In 1909, as the municipal government was getting more formalized, land ownership shifted from communal patterns to individual ownership. This was part of the larger trend, shifting away from communal efforts to independence. Despite many changes, a sense of community remains and residents continue to share in local activities. The community centre, built for the centennial, now functions as the village meeting place.